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100 Blogs Every New Teacher Should Read
The Perfect Free Gift for all of the Teachers on 
your list.
100 Best Blogs for the Classroom 
Twitter for Teachers in 60 seconds. 
The Complete Dropbox for Educators 
Teachers' Guide to International 
Good Teaching Practices - Tools for Teaching 


Resources for new teachers 
Prezi For Dummies
Embedly makes every URL on the internet embeddable for any website.
Ten Simple Strategies for Re-engaging Students 
What Makes a Passionate Educator? 
Reverse instruction
Resources for Teaching With and About Technology 
 "Teach Me How To Teach"


How do you foster collaboration within the classroom?
30 Second Interventions  (and less) to get students back on task.
Eight Reasons An Innovative Educator Uses
Seven Ways to Find Teachers on Twitter
Using Twitter in Foreign Language Teaching
Twitter Could Promote Learning in the Classroom
So You Are New to Twitter?


 Language Graphics Archive: Images good for conveying vocabulary for topics like waking up/getting dressed, eating,...
25 Important Twitter Guides and Apps For Teachers
Seven Ways to Build Your Own Educational Games 
"Paper based textbooks are not acceptable today because they are not universally accessible" 
Wonderful World Of Wikis 
Free classroom management tool - build quizzes & 
VODPOD: Free, Video Sharing Site 
Cooperative Learning Strategies in the Classroom 


http://bit.ly/hg9NrB  Ways to Use Your Interactive Whiteboard in Class
Facebook for teachers 
http://bit.ly/e176T9  What good education means 
More Twitter for teachers
What is education? 
http://bit.ly/hEQQn4 Beginner's guide to Web 1,2 and 3
http://bit.ly/hFr8Pc Teaching young learners 
Asking students about what works in the class. 


U.S. falls behind in foreign languages 
www.edupln.com 6,426 collaborative educators ready to share their educational ideas.
How To Maintain Classroom Discipline 
Spansh, French, German and ASL: Most Popular Languages 
Taught in US: 
21 Things That Will Become Obsolete in Education by 2020 
http://www.onlinedegrees.org/top-25-world-languages-blogs/ Top 25 World languages blogs 
La nueva frontera educativa. José Antonio Marina
How to retain 90% of everything you learn



http://bit.ly/egDdXv Rethinking how we learn and work.
http://bit.ly/i4HYvN 41 promises every educator should make 2 every student
http://bit.ly/hqwlup  Why do you teach?" 
100 Incredibly Useful YouTube Channels for Teachers.
12 videos to spark educators’ thinking
http://bit.ly/a6RJyM  Bloom's through Prezi 
http://su.pr/1QrmKs 5 Tips for better Wi-Fi at home
http://bit.ly/epyK7Z Time Saving Tips for Teachers 


http://wapo.st/e1kpV7 3 brain facts every educator should know 
http://bit.ly/gE3Rni How To Enhance Your Slide Images
http://on.mash.to/hW20jd 8 Educational Gadgets That Make Learning Fun 
http://to.pbs.org/hUhXIO PBS Digital Learning Library
http://ow.ly/3xEbK Can eBooks help bridge achievement gaps 
http://ht.ly/3xlnW  You Know You're a Techy Teacher When 



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